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You see these phones everyday at work and were looking forward to a Christmas break away only to find you are now taking one home with you.I’m sure quite a few people already own the phone too meaning they have a second one to use or get rid of.So I simply swapped out the T-Mo SIM in my unlocked Galaxy S6 for an AT&T Go Phone SIM I had in another phone.

Update: After spending the better half of my day trying to figure out when this update would roll out, T-Mobile has removed the support page leading us to wonder if it was posted prematurely.

As we remarked below in the main text, today was noted earlier in the week as the available date so we really don’t know what happend or why.

The original idea was going to focus on why T-Mobile’s network still isn’t ready for prime time.

You see, my wife and I just took a quick trip back to our home state of Montana for a wedding, but after taking a trip their last year with T-Mobile service attached to her unlocked phone, we both realized that we didn’t want to experience that type of wireless pain ever again and switched her over to AT&T at the last minute.

Hopefully the update will make a quick return and we’ll actually see it roll out.

Right on schedule T-Mobile has updated their support forums to highlight a new carrier update for the i Phone adding a host of new and important features.And if you don’t need to port a number over, then you are looking at being active within a couple of minutes on a new carrier.So within two days of realizing that she was on T-Mobile and we were about to enter a T-Mobile dead state, we had her up and running on a new carrier with solid coverage for our trip ahead. I really can’t see myself sticking with a carrier-branded or locked phone at any time in the near future.In fact, if I have it my way, I’ll never buy another for personal use.There are bound to be a few disappointed Google employees this holiday season.

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