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But for Wall-E to send me a letter three months later and say “you did this, pay 0? So, like any upstanding citizen looking to have his day in court (and in all likelihood waste a good deal of my time and energy), I hopped on the Internet to take a look at the law: “75 Pa. The only slam-dunk, ethical way to get the ticket dropped is if they mailed it to you late.

Check the date: Was it mailed 30 days after the violation occurred or after they discovered you were the vehicle’s owner (90 days if you’re out of state)?

Is there a clear warning sign of the camera posted before the intersection, and if so, was it installed at least 60 days prior to when the violation occurred?

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According to data released by AAA Mid-Atlantic this month, 33,627 drivers were issued a ticket last year by the red-light camera at the intersection immediately south of City Hall on Broad Street. Fortunately, I never had to cough up $100 to pay the fine.

It was sometime in mid-May when I received that loathsome envelope from the Philadelphia Parking Authority, with its infamous blue “VIOLATION” text that instantly sets off the Pavlovian response of asking “what the hell did I do? ” To my surprise, inside the envelope was a picture of my car, mid-intersection at South Broad and Penn Square, in February—over three months earlier.

The intersections using red-light safety technology are listed below. The Police Department maintains a list of red-light safety camera locations on their site.

Based upon images captured by a red-light camera system and then reviewed by local law enforcement, your vehicle was determined to have committed a red-light violation.

Effective July 1, 2013, changes were made to the Red-Light Safety Camera Law.

The new legislation clarified and enhanced many provisions of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act.

Surely, there are some that will likely find this whole process of fighting a 0 ticket a little childish. But when I triumphantly showed my dismissed PPA ticket to the guys at the Suburban Station pretzel stand after the hearing, and they recognized this accomplishment as we all cheered together, I knew I’d won one for the little guys.

Arlington County manages 180 traffic cameras located at critical intersections throughout the County.

According to the law, the answers to the following questions all have to be “yes” for the ticket to be valid: Was the ticket issued after the first 60 days of the camera’s operation?

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