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And by the legendary trademark: the Steiff "Button in Ear". Our goal is to provide the very best in design, materials and workmanship in all of our plush toys.Steiff's idea for the bear came from his drawings of the animals at the Stuttgart Zoo.

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The total number of articles produced, the limited edition number and the year of issue are printed on the reverse side of the tag.

This ear tag is used for special limited edition articles.

The previous model was made from wool plush and had smaller, wool plush lined ears.

Pre-war, Arco was made standing on wheels (in 35, 43, 50, 60, and 70 cm), standing (in 14, 22, 28, 35, 43, 50, and 60 cm), and sitting (in 17, 22, and 28 cm) from 1937 to 1943.

Although Steiff bears, animals, and dolls have been around since the 1880's, their collectibility, appeal, and stories are as new as tomorrow. Check out this note from a reader in California about her "rolling Rover". he is very old with straw fill and rubber tires that swivel. Arco is standing, stuffed with excelsior, and made from long and short mohair which is realistically hand airbrushed with black and brown to resemble the coat of a real German Shepherd.

He has attentive black and brown pupil eyes, a hand embroidered nose and claws, and an open, felt lined mouth with a pink-red felt tongue.

this is Marie' model) and appeared in one form or another in the line from 1957 through 1976.

Welcome to the Antique & Vintage Animal Gallery Page 2 Feel Free to browse our fabulous animals from Steiff, Merrythought, Bing, Farnell, Chad Valley, Chiltern & other leading manufacturers.

The presence - or absence - of a tongue on Arco is one of the key clues collectors use to date Steiff's German Shepherds!

The "newest" classic mohair Arco was produced standing (in 10, 17, 22, and 35 cm), lying (in 22, 35, and 50 cm - pictured here), and on wheels (in 43 and 50 cm...

Arco has an internal metal frame, which when new, could support the weight of an average adult!

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