Agoraphobic dating

Mr Mannur supports new NHS guidelines which encourage doctors to suggest weight-loss surgery for anyone with a BMI higher than 30 and type 2 diabetes.That means up to two million people could be eligible - and if they all agreed to surgery it would cost the NHS £12billion.

Created by Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya over the course of five years in his spare time, this labor of love spread via message boards and word of mouth, becoming a massive cult hit within months.

Amaya took inspiration from games of his youth like Metroid and Blaster Master and mashed them together into a tightly-designed, cartoony world of grand adventure with a surprisingly emotional story.

"But the thing that does need to change quickly is how easy it is for people to access very cheap, unhealthy fast food.

"Society needs to do more to encourage children to be healthy from a young age.

We miss him very much." Mr Martin's surgery was filmed for Channel 5 documentary 70 Stone & Almost Dead. By October 2013 he was back in hospital with septic shock and dehydration. Mr Martin spent four months in hospital before he was released in February 2014, having been deemed medically fit.

A hopeful Mr Martin said beforehand: "I'd resigned myself that either I was going to die in my bed or I was going to kill myself. His weight had dropped to 39 stone After being transported home he said: "I feel great about surviving the operation.

He'd also snack on sandwiches, chocolate, crisps, sweets and biscuits.

Mr Mannur added: "Keith, like many people, had some emotional issues and he turned to food for comfort.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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