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Chick-fil-A is a privately owned company specializing in boneless chicken sandwiches.

The company was founded in the late 1960’s and subsequently become one of the top producing fast food restaurants in the United States.

“When I do get time to myself, I watch TV.” Now we’re off and running, both of us mourning the end of [true stories of women who lost control and committed murder].

Those are things that actually happened in real life,” she says.

We contacted the customer service department anticipating speaking with a friendly employee.

What we encountered was an automated system attempting to direct our call to our local store.

The employee was helpful and gave us the information as requested.

We contacted the customer service team at the corporate offices and asked if the company had a toll-free number so customers could address concerns with the headquarters.

We utilized this phone number first and spoke with an employee of one of the restaurants.

We asked for information on how to contact the corporate headquarters.

Prior to contacting the customer support team, the company recommends visiting the Chick-fil-A FAQs for additional information relating to the products and services.

Go to to send feedback to the customer support team and the corporate office.

Chick-fil-A provides service in 38 states, to millions of customers each year at 1,500 locations.

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