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A man in South Africa has been caught trying to take a picture up a woman's skirt, in disturbing video released by the country's Intelligence Bureau.

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In order for messages to be exchanged, both parties need to first give permission by swiping right on the person’s profile, while swiping left will remove them completely.

After you have both swiped right on each other’s profiles, you will receive a match notification from the app, where after you can start messaging each other. Dating Buzz Dating Buzz is a fairly popular site in South Africa and very easy to use.

It is not known whether or not the man was reprimanded for the incident but it is clear that the woman did not give consent to have any sort of picture taken.

The UK has most notably had its own battle with 'upskirting' - when a photograph is taken up a woman's skirt without her knowledge.

Dating Buzz costs between R100 and R180 per month, depending on whether you take a one month or 12 month subscription.

For an additional R40 per month, you can allow others to message you back for free. Singles Around Me Singles Around Me, or SAM is an app which allows users the ability to see those other SAM subscribers who are single and close to your location at any given moment.

The only down side is that you need to pay in order to contact someone, or see who has visited your profile.

Saying this though, it really is not that expensive.

A woman dressed in a skirt and red sleeveless top is seen waiting in line to pay for her purchases.

A barefooted man behind her takes out his phone and puts it underneath her to take a picture, unbeknownst to her.

When you are ready, you simply send them a private message to get in touch.

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