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I have an amicable divorce and my daughter is with her mom about 30% of the time during the school year and 70% of the time during the summer so I get plenty of “adult” time. I don’t mind making plans, but am just as comfortable relaxing or working around the house or being spontaneous. I am trying a new approach with my profile and summarized it.Thought it would leave something to the imagination.

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How long should I wait for him to call or to return my phone call? I have previously written about great ways to initiate contact via an online dating site.

And more at How To Make a Man Commit To You - If you are struggling with making your boyfriend commit, Go To Commitment Advice to find out what makes a man commit to a woman and how you can make him commit to you!

Why did he stop calling after first date, two dates or three dates? My boyfriend is a commitment phobic; how do I get him to call me?

If you would like to read my previous post about initiating contact on an online dating site, read this post first.

Here is some feedback I received from women I spoke with.

SAMPLE Dear ____, I enjoyed reading about you and learning about some of your likes and dislikes. I value trust and honesty and feel that friendship is very important if anything is going to last.

Not a bad joke or something rude but something that may give them a little chuckle.

(Humor and wit are VERY important) I didn’t do that in the sample below but I am sure you get the idea. In my experience most women I spoke with for any length of time receive a lot of emails each day.

Men truly do want to know they won’t be rejected and that their advances will be taken favorably. Most definitely women should send emails to men online.

For this reason, I challenge women to write to at least five to 10 men every week and comment about something specific in their profile that caught their digital eyes.

I am sure you get a lot of emails so I hope this is one that catches your eye.

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