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Around her waist, Cathy wore a stout leather belt, into which she could lodge her torch and some of the smaller of her house-breaking tools.Also of leather were the flat soled, knee length boots that she wore.Swiftly, the lithe twenty four year old sprinted across the uneven terrain, until she was once more sheltered from the moon's illumination in the shadows of the walls that towered above her.

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For a second or two, she held her breath, listening intently in case this disturbance of the clear night air had alerted someone to her presence on this precarious ledge.

No sound reached her spandex covered ears, however; either from within the building, or from the hushed gardens below.

Without hesitation, she began to look for a way to scale the walls up to this potential point of entry.

It didn't take long to locate what she sought; a stout drainage pipe that disappeared into the darkness above her only a few feet to the right of her intended goal.

In fact, aside from the wall and the securely locked wrought iron gates, there was very little sign of there being any preventative measures having been put in place to deter trespassers from getting into the grounds.

Her gaze drifted further afield, towards the mansion house about one hundred yards in front of her.

Dropping the eight feet or so to the ground, Cathy rolled over and quickly sprung to her feet.

She looked left and right, but detected no movement in the bushes and shrubs other than that caused by the slight breeze.

And to her great satisfaction, she discovered that she'd been correct in her prognosis; the window had been left slightly ajar, and could easily be opened without the need to defer to her vast array of blades and picks that she normally needed to gain access.

Being of great vintage, the hinges on the window squeaked loudly as Cathy slowly pulled it open.

Adjacent to this, a number of outhouses, including a stable block, had been added at a later date.

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