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Women had been filling hope chests them for years as trousseaus for marriage.Mothers put aside linen, clothing, home furnishings and other niceties for their daughters.I can show you what to look for, how to research its market value online, how to get it appraised by a licensed appraiser, and whether to keep it, donate it or sell it.

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Louis furniture company with over 50 name brands of fine-quality home furnishings at the Guaranteed Lowest Price. Louis with the highest quality furnishings since 1964.

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Yet another kept a prom picture and graduation ring in hers.

They were nostalgic about the memories those chests evoked and what they meant to them.

Hope chests are nothing new; they’ve been around at least since the 1700s and their purpose has changed little over the centuries.

One of the best display of the workmanship is in a collection at the Smithsonian Institution, a sulphur-inlaid chest – called the Dietrich chest of 1783 – made by German immigrant cabinetmakers in Lancaster County, PA., between 17.Many were handed out during the 1950s and 1960s to girls at graduation, with the hope that they would be inspired to buy the larger size, which cost hundreds of dollars. A Lane Company official said in a Washington Post story from 2005 said the girls were required to pick up the chests from the local furniture store.Inside the lid of each box at auction: Lane Cedar Chests, Altavista, Va. According to one website, the miniature chests were first made by the company in 1925, and five years later a sales manager thought it would be a good promotional idea to make them available through the furniture stores.I came across testimonials from women who recalled going to a furniture store to retrieve the boxes. One woman talked of storing letters from her first boyfriend.Another talked of keeping a daughter’s kindergarten tassel.I’m a journalist by profession: I was a newspaper reporter and editor. I would also like to share stories and photos of what you find and your collections. Here are some tips for things you can do on your own to help determine what your items are worth: First, try the web.

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