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Located within the Bernhard Center is the Bronco Mall, a one-stop-shop for students which includes a large 24-hour computer lab, a food court and dining area, a full service bank, and one of two school bookstores.Waldo Library and the attached University Computing Center are on West Campus, as is the Dalton Musical Center.

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The original East Hall will remain, but North Hall and the two side wings of East Hall will come down.

East Hall reopened in 2015 as the WMU Alumni Center.

Waldo, and as of the Fall 2014 semester, its enrollment was 23,914.

WMU is the site of the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Many of the residence halls are found scattered throughout West Campus, while other dormitories (affectionately referred to as "The Valleys") are adjacent to West Campus in Goldsworth Valley.

The Bernhard Center is a centrally-located multi-purpose student union that provides student and community groups with meeting space.

It also announced plans to demolish several of the university's original historic buildings and utilize the hilltop as green space.

As of December 2013, both West Hall and the Speech and Hearing building that were on East Campus had been demolished.

Walwood Hall, renovated in 1992, is home to the Graduate College, the Graduate Student Advisory Committee, the Medieval Institute, the WMU Office of Research and several other academic and administrative offices.

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