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The whole point of a logbook is to refresh my memory with the archives of what I have done in the past, which can help me make better educated decisions.

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They are light and float high on the water, which makes them perfect for this application.

Once a blue marlin comes racing in on a teaser, fails to bite the fly and swims off, you cast the "Charlie" that is attached to a spinning rod past the area of the fish and start retrieving it.

"Some of the things I keep in the book are date, water temperature, wind direction, current direction and speed, hook style, size and brand, leader size, drag settings on my reels and a host of other seemingly small details.

I may also write down a few notes on how aggressively or lazily the fish came up in my spread and how fast I was trolling or take notes on lure performance and which were the most productive and unproductive styles of lures at that time.

Chris Sheeder, Casa Vieja Lodge Puerto San Jose, Guatemala "One of the truly most difficult and rewarding feats in fly fishing is catching a billfish, and the most impressive billfish to catch is a blue marlin.

There seems to be an infinite number of ways to lose a blue on a fly, but one technique I call the “Charlie Tuna” will at least get you more bites.

By this time the boat has long come to a complete stop, so the strip pop is essential and usually just one to two jabs does the trick.

Half the time the fish will inhale the fly right off the bat, but even if the marlin continues to swim forward looking for "Charlie" under and around the boat, he's now seen your fly and knows where it is because of those pops you made as he swam by.

Wiping the leaders helps remove any diesel soot from your exhaust that builds up on your leaders like it does on your transom.

It sometimes also wipes off any algae that dirty up your leader.

If you have ever fished for blues using fly, you'll know that even a well teased blue marlin can somehow not see or not care about the fly and make that infamous sweeping turn way outside the hook up area, just to finally lose interest and never come back.

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