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I figured that even if I was nervous and panicky on the inside, at least I would resemble past contestants on the outside.

The day dragged on—it felt longer than a rose ceremony, which I've heard can take more than 12 hours to film. M., I was sipping champagne at a work celebration (#workperks, amirite? I was also thinking about the lash glue that kept my right eye stuck open.

The articulate, concise answers I'd written on the application form flew out of my head. There were doors everywhere, but all of them were locked—and there was no excessively long line in sight. I spent the next hour filling out the much longer line, which would eventually lead into a room full of casting directors.

" She'd had enough of the New York dating scene (I can sympathize) and thought this would be a fun way to potentially meet someone.

We unabashedly swapped dating stories while we waited in line.

I felt like a slowly melting prom queen as I frantically ran through the streets of Manhattan alone (Lindsey had an appointment and would meet me at the audition), but my eyelashes were long and my spirits were high. An accurate representation of what I wear on the reg? I didn't think it was worth it to forego comfort for the sake of dressing up, and I definitely didn't want to mislead the casting agents re: who I am and what I look like.

Lindsey's take: The day of auditions, I showed up to work wearing ripped jeans, a black top, and a blazer. Plus, my ass looks great in those jeans, and I made sure to finish off the look with a little winged eyeliner.

Jocelyn had already completed the process by the time I got there, so she hung out with me while I filled out my application and stood in line.

Jocelyn and I are planning to audition again next year—assuming things don't pan out for us this time around.

(Though to be fair, they probably just want someone who makes for good TV.)I wouldn’t change a thing about my audition experience: It was fun, eye-opening, and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

(Plus, Lindsey and I went out for chips and queso afterward, and you can never regret anything that ends in queso.) If you’re at all interested in being on On the plus side, the experience was incredibly laid back.

It felt odd to tell someone the entire history of my love life within the first five minutes of meeting them, but hey, that’s what we were there for.

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