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This is a solid track if you like hardcore punk 4/5 Don't Make Me Get My Fat Ass Off This Couch - This is probably my favorite song off the album.

This starts off with a nice guitar line with a fast drumbeat backing it up.

The song ends with a guitar chord and Josh pounding the drums.

5/5 I Guess I'll Take You Back - This might be the softest track on the album.

When I bought Hollywood Potato Chips I didn't know what to expect.

I didn't think I was going to like it, but I had to get it since the Vandals were one of my favorite bands.

You can't really understand Dave because he is singing so fast you can't really understand it.

This will grow on you and the more you listen to this the more you will uncover the funny lyrics.You keep on waiting for the song to explode, and it finally does at :56. The lyrics are about wanting someone back, and the lyrics are once again quite funny.There are no real stand out instruments but this is a good solid track.After this Dave starts whispering "it's a lie" and high-pitches backing vocals shriek "It's how they get you." This closes the song. 5/5 Don't Stop Me Now - This is a cover of Queens "Don't Stop me Now." The Vandals slowed down the pace on this song, it is a lot less sloppy and more organized. This is very catchy and it avoids being overly poppy. 4/5 My Neck, My Back - This one stars off with a blend of guitar and drums with Dave shouting "Hey hey hey, ohh yeah." This is exactly how I would define a Vandals song.Daves voice is fast and loud, the lyrics are funny "My neck and my back is nearly broke, I kind of won the lottery, I'll take what they are offering, vicodine and Ambien and watch a lot of television." This song isn't that hardcore like "How they getch", its a bit more poppy but it does the job.The song starts off with a soft guitar line and a loud drumbeat.

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