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Borderlinx is committed to help you in your international purchases.

When the same 5 packages are shipped through consolidation, you will save a significant amount in the shipping cost…

If you have requisition lines with the same business unit, supplier, and buyer, or just the same business unit and supplier, you can consolidate these lines onto single purchase orders.

If you decide to consolidate by business unit, supplier, and buyer, then all rows marked for consolidation that go to the same supplier within the same business unit and have the same buyer are grouped onto one purchase order.

If one of these conditions exists on the requisition, then consolidation cannot take place: Schedules are not consolidated onto the purchase order.

Your shipping costs will include a per-shipment fee for each shipment as well as a per-item fee for each item in your order.

To view the details of your 1-Click order, including method and cost of shipping, go to the order summary.Let’s say you buy the latest smartphone and a pair of T-shirts from Lacoste.Borderlinx will put the original boxes together to be treated as a single shipment, so you will receive the 2 packages at the same time.So, if two requisitions not marked for consolidation are sourced at the same time, and each requisition has two lines for two different suppliers, the PO Calculations process and the Create Purchase Orders process create four purchase orders.This document is available in three formats: this web page (for browsing content), PDF (comparable to original document formatting), and Word Perfect. §§ 16(b)-(h) (the "APPA"); and IT APPEARING THAT consolidation is in the interests of efficiency and judicial economy; IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT ,(No. By consolidating purchase requisition lines from multiple purchase requisitions, you can increase your negotiating power with your vendors to achieve better pricing, lower shipping and handling costs, and reduce overhead costs.

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