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Mc Allister (Mac) and her parents, Hal Norman Sullivan and Barbara...

Jerry Stedman, 69 of Hampton, beloved husband, father, and grandfather, passed away surrounded by his loving family on Tuesday, December 12th at Riverside Hospital following respiratory complications....

Lunkov Developing an Information Literacy Assessment Rubric: A Case Study of Collaboration, Process, and Outcomes, Christina Gola, Irene Ke, Kerry Creelman, and Shawn Vaillancourt Link Developing Novel Data Services: Data Visualization as an Outreach Tool, Jackie Wirz Developing Students' Information and Research Skills via Blackboard, Jacqui Weetman Da Costa and Becky Jones Developmental Origins, Epigenetics, and Equity: Moving Upstream, Lawrence Wallack and Kent Thornburg Development of 3D Accelerometer Testing System, Mohammed Abbas Soudai Alsaedi Development of a Clinically Relevant Endoscopic Grading System for Chronic Rhinosinusitis Using Canonical Correlation Analysis, Adam S.

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Fisher Brazil: A Technological Poster Child, Nameer Al-Mulla, Melvin Cooper, Colette Cox, Ryan Menze, Michael Uffelman, and David Ulrich Break, Online Northwest Break, Online Northwest Break, Online Northwest Breakfast / Registration, Northwest IR User Group Breaking Barriers to Bike Share: Insights on Equity from a Survey of Bike Share System Owners and Operators, Steven Howland, Nathan Mc Neil, Joseph Paul Broach, Kenneth Rankins, John Mac Arthur, and Jennifer Dill Brief Report: Medication Sharing Is Rare Among African HIV-1 Serodiscordant Couples Enrolled in an Efficacy Trial of Oral Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (Pr EP) for HIV-1 Prevention, Kerry A. Marzinke, Andrew Mujugira, Craig Hendrix, Connie Celum, Patrick Ndase, Alan Ronald, David Bangsberg, and Jared Baeten Brookings Annexation Project, Portland State University. 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