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If you are looking for a lady who is beautiful,educated,sexy,funny and not spoiled by western feminism, select a program and register for our introduction or matchmaking services so we can start making your dreams come true today!

The accents are certainly sexy, but like any relationship, it’s one of the aspects that may tend to fizzle out after the honeymoon stage.

“Babe, I think your friends are great, but if they continue to keep getting this crazy drunk, me and my friends are gonna wanna not go out partying with y’all anymore.” “Gonna wanna? I don’t remember those words being in the TOEFL…” .

Americans are outspoken and have flashy ways of showing their love. I made you a cake for dessert, and we could eat that and watch your favorite cheesy rom-com.

Remember all those engagement proposals that hit You Tube in storm? It’s your day and I want it to be the best for you.” *Commence my melting heart* . After 6 months of being with my boyfriend, I can count the number of times on one hand that I’ve seen him in regular sweatpants.

As a girl who’s grown up her whole life speaking English, being with a boy who’s only been speaking English for a few short years of his life is a recipe for miscommunication.

At times it can be hard to get my point across, because he doesn’t know the meaning of certain words.

We get to know both sides - our ladies and men so we find out what each is looking for so we can find your special someone.

Ladies must apply to be in our agency and be interviewed.

My boyfriend showed me that he cares for me by coming to my house and cooking dinner with me after a 12-hour shift.

By skipping his work out or even the chance to hang with the boys, he chose to spend a quiet evening with me. But I thought we could make some cream-pork schnitzel and some wine.

We are a different kind of Eastern Europe dating agency.

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