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Constraints on the timing of lineage divergence in molecular clock dating. An example of using the molecular clock with genome-scale data sets to infer the timeline of diversification of modern mammals relative to the end-Cretaceous mass extinction.. In Bayesian clock dating, likelihood is calculated using the sequence data (and possibly morphological data) under a model of character evolution.

Local-clock methods permit different molecular clocks in different parts of the phy- Citation Context ... The available relaxed-clock methods have been compared in several reviews (Magallón 2004; Welch and Bromham 2005; Lepage et al. The method can use heterogeneous data from multiple gene loci and accommodate multiple fossil calibrations.

Others assume that branch-specific rates are drawn from a single underlying distribution, such as a lognormal, gamma, or exponential distribution, the parameters of which are estimated from the data (=-=Drummond et al. Uncertainties in f ..." We extend our recently developed Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for Bayesian estimation of species divergence times to allow variable evolutionary rates among lineages.

In addition, we place these datasets on the continuum of clocklikeness between a strict molecular clock and the alternative unrooted extreme.

Finally, we present analyses of 102 bacterial, 106 yeast, 61 plant, 99 metazoan, and 500 primate alignments.

We develop an infinite-sites theory, which predicts that when the amount of sequence data approaches infinity, the width of the posterior credibility interval and the posterior mean of divergence times form a perfect linear relationship, with the slope indicating uncertainties in time estimates that cannot be reduced by sequence data alone.

Simulations are used to study the influence of among-lineage rate variation and the number of loci sampled on the uncertainty of divergence time estimates.

With recent advances in Bayesian clock dating methodology and the explosive accumulation of genetic sequence data, molecular clock dating has found widespread applications, from tracking virus pandemics and studying the macroevolutionary process of speciation and extinction to estimating a timescale for life on Earth.

Used the idea of approximate rate constancy to calculate the age of the alpha and beta globin duplication event. Chapter 4 has an extensive discussion of morphological versus molecular rates of evolution.. In Bayesian clock dating, the prior on divergence times is specified using a branching model, possibly incorporating fossil calibration information, and the prior on evolutionary rates is specified using a model of rate drift (a relaxed-clock model).

The prior for divergence times for nodes lacking fossil calibrations is specified by use of a birth-death process with species sampling.

The prior for lineage-specific substitution rates is specified using either a model with autocorrelated rates among adjacent lineages (based on a geometric Brownian motion model of rate drift) or a model with independent rates among lineages specified by a log-normal probability distribution.

BEAST was the first software package that allows inference of the actual phylogenetic tree under such models =-=[21]-=-.

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