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Forverts was a successor to New York's first Yiddish-language socialist newspaper, Di Arbeter Tsaytung (The Workman's Paper), a weekly established in 1890 by the fledgling Jewish trade union movement centered in the United Hebrew Trades as a vehicle for bringing socialist and trade unionist ideas to non-English speaking immigrants.

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By 1962 circulation was down to 56,126 daily and 59,636 Sunday, As the influence of the Socialist Party in both American politics and in the Jewish community waned, the paper joined the American liberal mainstream though it maintained a social democratic orientation.

The English version has some standing in the Jewish community as an outlet of liberal policy analysis.

The most well-known writer in the Yiddish Forward was Isaac Bashevis Singer, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

although other well known Socialist literary and political figures, such as Leon Trotsky and Morris Winchevsky, also wrote for it.

He only returned, he later recalled in his memoirs, upon the promise of "absolute full power" over the editorial desk.

Early on, The Forward defended trade unionism and moderate, democratic socialism.

For a period in the 1990s, conservatives came to the fore of the English edition of the paper, but the break from tradition didn't last.

(A number of conservatives dismissed from The Forward later helped to found the modern New York Sun.) The Yiddish edition has recently enjoyed a modest increase in circulation as courses in the language have become more popular among university students; circulation has leveled out at about 5,500.

Boris Sandler, one of the most significant contemporary secular writers in Yiddish, was the editor of the Yiddish Forward for 18 years, until March 2016; the new editor who succeeded him is Rukhl Schaechter.

From 2013 to 2017, prior to the current format as a monthly magazine, The Forward was published as a newspaper in separate English weekly and Yiddish biweekly editions, and online daily.

at a charged moment in American politics, as the U. Congress was ramping up to a vote on an accord reached the month before to limit Tehran's nuclear ability in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions.

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