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The union between Eminem and Mariah Carey was one of those affairs where the events of the public breakup outlived the actual romance.The two were rumored to be dating as early as 2001, when Em was supposed to lend some bars to M.The relationship didn’t last, as Superhead cited a physically abusive G Rap in her memoir, and she continued in a string of relationships, including comedian/television host Bill Maher.

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Nasir might have predicted their marriage, but did he predict how it would end?

When Mack 10 was one of the few gold-selling stars of the West Coast, running Hoo Bangin’ Records, he snagged the still-single member of TLC in T-Boz.

Darlene may have been the first “Hip Hop honey,” and that’s ful.

Kanye West, having just left a relationship with former fiance Alexis Phifer, tore up the red carpet with the buxom Philadelphia dancer/model/video vixen Amber Rose in 2008.

Old school Rap royalty’s power-couple, Naughty By Nature’s Treach and Salt-N-Pepa’s Sandee Fenton maintained a marriage towards the end of both group’s limelight runs.

They even tattooed their rings on their fingers to prove their love was everlasting.C.’s nothing happened, and before you know it Mariah is dedicating whole songs to Em (i.e.“Obsessed” and random shots earlier on “Clown”), Shady replays voice-mails, and it all went downhill from there.Seven years of bickering for what sounds like a two-day relationship…Rumor has it when Nas first met Kelis, he said he was going to marry her.Whether we admit it or not, Hip Hop has always loved a gossip story just as much as it’s loved a good old fashioned romance.

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