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It's important to drive safety basics home: No password exchanges, no clicking on contests and revealing personal information, etc.

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Teen sex chat age 13

Use media characters and situations as a starting point for discussing appropriate behavior and what makes choices right or wrong.

Anti-social or discriminatory behavior should have consequences and be discussed.

Any underage substance use needs to show explicit consequences.

Adults abusing substances should also face consequences.

At 13, most kids are going through puberty, though they can be in a wide variety of different stages.

The accompanying hormonal imbalances can trigger strong emotions that kids don't always understand.

Emphasize the importance of being a positive force online via flagging, untagging, and standing up for people who are being harassed.

Teens can now glean educational value from less straightforward situations, and gaining an understanding of negative situations can be educational -- especially in an historical context.

Below you will find the developmental guidelines we use in establishing our age ratings and recommendations.

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