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At the same time, real wages and benefits have plummeted.Prospects are shitty for college graduates and non-graduates alike.

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Mobile compatible so you can take your sexy cam models with you, wherever you go.

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There are no layoffs when your workers pay you, so instead of cutbacks, clubs hire more and more dancers, resulting in more competition for a smaller customer pool. The one big advantage you have if you’re a stripper, though, is the ability to travel to greener pastures.

If you would like to have a job in another town, as long as you look good enough for the club’s standards, you’re hired. When the level of bullshit is too high or the earnings too low, they the hit the road.

As opposed to the traditional “no kissing on the mouth” style, the GFE offers a warmer, fuzzier time. I told guys this was a quick vacation, an investment in the future.

For Jason, who says he never hired anyone who’d worked as an escort before, the GFE concept was an epiphany. When they got back to their desks, they’d tear the market a new asshole, make back the money they spent at NY Confidential in an hour.“Men see escorts because they want to feel happier. When the clothes do come off, it can be damn lucrative: Domino estimates she hauls in around 0 on a good day—although a bad day is zero dollars, and hours wasted.Yet most walk away feeling worse than they did before. But it's enough for her to be completely self-sufficient, albeit weary of the whole thing sometimes: "Ramming your vagina with a dildo is tiring," Domino explains.The ones that were escorts who didn’t have pimps, didn’t have drug problems, and weren’t trafficked, I honestly believe that they chose their profession about as much as any of us choose our profession.I don’t think they feel any more exploited than all of us workers feel exploited.The rest of the time, occasional criminals aside, the job sounds downright leisurely.

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