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The people who disagree with them, have a right to their opinion, and some people you can’t change. If they disagree with the marriage because one partner doesn’t belong to that faith or culture, then teach them.

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One day I hope people won’t even bat an eyelid and treat them as the norm.

(I feel the same way about same-sex marriages too).

Read my dad’s advice of how to tell your parents about your interfaith relationship here. I’m proud that we live in a society where this generation are brave enough to fall in love for themselves.

They are going against what’s ‘expected from them by their parents’ and falling in love with someone despite their religion, colour, sex or creed.

Don’t push them away and protest against the marriage.

That doesn’t achieve anything and gives the religion and culture a bad name.

In addition to this, I also would love to share your wedding in my real weddings section, check out the submissions page to find out more.

Tired of mindlessly wandering around the dating pool, unsure of what you’re looking for, but knowing you just haven’t found it yet?

Knowing that I’ve helped and inspired just one of my readers was my goal, for that I am proud. My work is not done and I hope you’ll continue to join me on my journey.

People often ask me how long I’ll carrying on blogging for. I am always looking to share interfaith or multicultural stories on the blog, find out what I’m after here.

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