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And initially, she almost didn't go in for the role. What really attracted Coleman to Taylor was the fact that she was an intelligent young black woman.

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I am just absolutely not talented at all when it comes to playing basketball."12.

Once Bleu was cast, he took a basketball with him 24/7 and even slept with it so he'd get more comfortable.

"At the time, Raven-Symoné was the most prominent African-American on the Disney Channel, if not the only one.

I really wanted my nieces and godsisters and just other girls that were like me growing up that didn't really have a role model that looked like them [to see themselves as] the smartest girl in school."16.

"I just knew that I was terrible," she said of her audition.

"I didn’t really feel equipped to sing and dance."9.

Sharpay and Ryan Evans were originally written to be black characters.

"I believe they found someone to play Sharpay, but they couldn't find a black equivalent [for Ryan] and then I think they found Ashley so they decided to cast Sharpay and Ryan as Caucasian," Bleu said.4.

"She was like, 'I think you should do it like this and then at the end, I'm going to say, "Ryan, grab my bag! That's not going to work.' And, of course, when we walked in, I couldn't help but have that energy with her and I think that's why we both got it."7.

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