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His dream of living with her at Cliveden lay in ruins.

When she remarried he was broken and lived a separate life from his wife in the mansion built to thwarted love."Anna Maria was perceived as a sexually voracious vixen but when I looked closer at the culture of the 17th-century court I saw that she leveraged her sexuality and traded up her lovers because women had very little material power," says Livingstone."It is a sad irony that she was never able to enjoy Cliveden.

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The Duke of Buckingham and the Earl of Shrewsbury were fighting over Anna Maria Talbot, the earl's wife and the woman who had inspired the creation of the house.

When George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham and a childhood friend of Charles II, bought Cliveden (or "Cliffden"), which sits on a cliff overlooking the Thames just five miles upriver of Windsor Castle, it comprised two hunting lodges set within 400 acres of land."Buckingham bought Cliveden with the pleasures of the flesh at the forefront of his mind," says Livingstone.

Three years after building the pool Bill Astor began renting a cottage on the estate to an osteopath named Stephen Ward, who had treated a back injury he had sustained while riding, and the two became friends. On the night of July 8, 1961, Stephen had invited friends including 19-year-old showgirl Christine Keeler for a swim.

Usually he would have checked with Astor first but he was at the main house hosting a dinner party attended by guests including minister of state for war John Profumo.

He saw it as having the potential for him to freely indulge his affair with Anna Maria.

However their romance was to prove ill advised and would ultimately have tragic consequences.But Buckingham was to prove the man most smitten of all."Tis you alone that my heart can subdue," he wrote to her in 1666 shortly after they met. He ordered new clothes for himself and his girlfriend and he paid a Parisian musician to serenade her. Two years after they met he took both his wife and mistress to the theatre and was heckled by Henry Killigrew, an old flame of Anna Maria, who climbed into Buckingham's box, struck him with a sheathed sword and clambered away, disrupting the performance.Buckingham chased after him, grabbed his sword and nearly kicked him to death.Carved into the grass, inlaid in brickwork, is a sword with an elegant handle.Alongside it is the date 1668."It is a monument to the day on which a duel was fought between two of the most powerful people in the land," says Livingstone.: 5 Great Books on Love, Sex and Relationships: Top 5 Relationship Myths: Low Libido: Five tips to ensure your kids don’t kill your sex life: Four Signs your relationship wont last: Do you have an unhealthy relationship with sex?

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