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Also, the target date represents an approximate date when investors may plan to begin withdrawals.After the target date has been reached, some of these funds may be merged into a fund with a more stable asset allocation.

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Every month, you should invest a portion of your income in your future, even if it’s only a few dollars.

As your retirement age gets closer, you can set aside a higher percentage of your income for retirement in a tax-advantaged plan.

Use our 401(k) Savings Calculator to determine how much you can save for your retirement by using this investment tool.

Another common personal entry into retirement savings is through an Individual Retirement Account.

The earlier you start, the more you will enjoy the benefits of compounding interest.

And as safe as your money would be in a piggy bank or under your mattress, investing your funds will allow you to do much more with your retirement years. This affects how much you will need to budget for your retirement.

Company plans such as 401(k)s offer simple opportunities to build up your retirement funds.

You can contribute directly from your salary, free of income tax.

To make the most of your retirement years, it’s important that you start saving now.

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