Dating kerr canning jars

You can also go to the Midwest Antique Fruit Jar and Bottle Club website, click on “When was my Ball jar made? Join the Club While you’re there, check out the entire Midwest Antique Fruit Jar and Bottle Club web site. If you’re interested and close by, attend one of the club’s meetings, which meets regularly at Minnetrista. You’ll meet enthusiastic and knowledgeable jar collectors, including club president Dick Cole.Dick is a retired Curator of Business and Industrial History at Minnetrista.The Self Sealing jar was one of the first products that the company released.

These jars generally have an embossed fruit or cornucopia design on one side and Ball on the other.

The Ball Company no longer makes home canning equipment.

These were the EZ Seal and the Strong Shoulder jars. These were designed to allow the homemaker to get more jars onto pantry shelves without wasted space.

The Strong Shoulder can be identified by a slightly raised line that goes around the upper part, the "shoulder" of the jar. The were introduced to the general public in the 1920s and were popular through the 1950s.

Many of these jars are not only still around but thousands of them, like the ones you see here, are still in use.

People who enjoy canning often pick up used jars at garage sales, thrift shops, and flea markets because they are inexpensive.

That was the date when John Mason received his patent for the threaded screw-type closure, and it appears on many different brands of jars. Check the logos below against the logo on your jar. Ignore the Mold Number How about that big number on the bottom of many jars? The quality control people used the number on the bottom of the jar to identify which mold was producing bad jars.

The number has nothing to do with when the jar was made.

There were not so many of the square jars made so they tend to be a little higher in value.

This Golden Harvest Mason jar was produced by Ball in the 1980s.

(1942-1948) Freezer jars were designed to be used in the freezer.

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