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"It sucks when your personal life becomes public," she told Seventeen magazine.

"So I'm finding ways to make my personal and private life more of my life — which is one of the reasons why I deleted my Twitter.

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Jonas was popular for his presence in the Disney backed band, The Jonas Brothers.

Starting to date in June 2006, Cyrus and boyfriend, Nick Jonas, made a perfect couple for the Disney Channel crowd.

To get you all caught up on what led us to this point, look back on all the ups and downs of Miley and Liam's epic saga.

After working as a child star on a number of films and television programs, Miley Cyrus finally hit it big with her role of Miley Stewart and her alter ego: Hannah Montana.

Throughout the next few years, Cyrus was rumored to have dated Mike Posner, Avan Jogia, and Josh Bowman, leading to confusion in the status of her relationship with Hemsworth.

Cyrus and Hemsworth put to rest some of the rumors when they announced their engagement in June 2012.

Over a year after announcing their engagement, the couple surprisingly declared themselves separated and officially called off their plans to wed in September 2013.

Since her failed engagement, Cyrus has continually become more popular as a pop music artist and also more controversial with her suggestive material that she incorporates into her concerts.

Since then, Cyrus’ dating history has evolved with her lifestyle as her career took paths through acting, singing, and performing for a national audience.

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