by d dating david double - Nicolas cage and tea leoni dating

Perhaps their long, stable relationship is the reason that the two of them continue to look so young?That’s right, the Material Girl herself was once a celebrity wife.He married the much-younger Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2000 when she was just 30 years old and he was already well into his 50s.

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Yep, they’re pretty much the coolest people on the dancing scene.

Jenna was working as a backup dancer in 2006 when she was cast alongside Channing in Step Up.

She married actor Sean Penn in 1985 and though their marriage only lasted four years, it was quite notable.

Although their marriage seemed to be pretty rocky and Madonna alleged abuse, the two have been quite friendly in public in recent years, suggesting that they have put the bad times behind them and remained friends.

Another famous 1990s power couple was born when tennis superstar Andre Agassi married actress Brooke Shields in 1997.

Unfortunately, Agassi’s addictions during the time kept their marriage from having the success they intended, and the two divorced after just two years.

The famous couple filed for divorce one time in 2002 but got back together and finally divorced in 2006.

We’re betting Yvette Prieto Jordan has a bit of a crick in her neck, as leaning up to kiss Michael Jordan each day can’t be good for the joints.

Some celebrity wives are very famous in their own right.

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