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The Global Address Book (GAL) is a directory of available contact information for CUMC, NYPH and Columbia University faculty, staff and students.

It can be accessed when using a CUMC email account with Outlook and Web Outlook.

Outlook clients on other machines do have a complete GAL including all newly-created users.

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The Black Berry Desktop Manager starts automatically. The "Two-way sync" option synchronizes both ways, updating your Black Berry contacts with any new contacts in your Outlook Address Book.

To send only from the device to Outlook, select the "One-way sync from Device" option.

If you are using a Black Berry Exchange Server, make sure you check that wireless sync is NOT activated.

As always, make sure to have a Black Berry backup handy in case something goes wrong with your device.

Using Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.1, limited backup and restore functions are performed by the BES server on a scheduled basis to ensure that your settings are preserved in case your device is lost or fails.

This functionality, which is enabled by default and controlled by the BES, allows backups of device settings (e.g., icon positions, font settings, browser bookmarks).

This downloads the contacts into your Outlook Address Book without importing any Outlook contacts to your device. Mark Pool has been a technical writer and translator specializing in information technology since 2001.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English from Columbia University, he went on to study the IT sector and receive technical certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and Red Hat.

Besides providing data protection, backing up also allows you to edit your Address Book and text files using your desktop computer rather than your device.

The Backup and Restore tool allows you to make full backups or selective backups, in which you select which databases on your device to back up.

, you can use the Backup and Restore tool in Desktop Manager to save files from your Black Berry device to your computer or to restore saved files to your device.

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