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But the truth of the matter appears to be that women have a disproportionate amount of influence on both the day-to-day and the long-term tenor of their marriage.The feminine energy we bring to the partnership is intuitive, relational, receptive, connective, intimate, and inclusive.Ramona Zabriskie, a wife of 38 years, is the multi-award winning author of Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage and founder of the highly acclaimed Wife for Life University, a one-of-a-kind virtual school for wives that transforms marriages through a step-by-step, principle based approach via live mentoring, classes, and community.

I was told I am the person every church needs but no church wants.

This inspiring passage is often ruined for women like us when detached from the Bible and presented as a black-and-white list of rigid standards.

Get the latest Dating Advice for men, women, and online dating trusted experts. Christian dating advice for young adults financial planning as well be for being your true self.

So glad I could help, Jacky: Our justice system has been undermined Telegraph View.

Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian women are attractive, thrifty, friendly, feminine and devoted. It's interesting, why do such amazing women have to look for husbands outside their home country? General reasons Simple logic says that area of search for somebody extends, if you can't find what you want in close proximity.

Failed to meet a good partner or become happy with someone from Russia...

Musing over the idea that women in general (at least Western women) wield significant influence in their relationships, I am reminded of a conversation I once had with a student who took exception with this one aspect of Wife for Life (the body of successful marriage principles and skills I teach to women exclusively).

I agreed with her—right out of the box—that each party in the marriage is responsible for 50% of the partnership.

Christian churches and other religions expect girls to be the meek, silent type and for guys to be the strong, loud type.

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