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NO ONE is obliged to make any contribution of any type at all. NO MEMBER IS OBLIGATED TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION The freedom of expression offered by CHAT AVENUE, also the open sharing of IT skills, and Graphic skills makes this site compulsive for all.As regards advertising, I know nothing about that, I suspect that some advertisers mis represent themselves, as some members do, for those I say, get found out and you lose, and that's fair In any business transaction I would assume. I notice that this site also has a donate point what a bunch of NOBs LOL Aquilla FACT IS: Visit this GREAT SITE, and decide for yourself: I have been at Chat-Avenue for a matter of years and never have they ever had any form of a membership system.

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The modest contributions I have made, have been made so others may learn as much as I have about IT.

On CHAT AVENUE, everyone becomes a member when they sign up.

They are a bunch of simple minded assholes, mostly teenagers that when not on line are torturing small animals and insects. I have been a member for four years, I have used the site for almost five years, I have been a Premium member for at least two years maybe a little more.

I have been a Moderator for Gay Chat, and have been the Admin for the same room twice.

They are so Censored, they practice Nepotism, and they think their s**t doesn't stink.

Stay away from this website, they attack and then ban you for no good reason. Cleveland, Ohio USA CHAT AVENUE ~ IS BY FAR THE BEST SITE OF ITS KIND ON THE NET!This complaint from the made up identity, Eric Tucker, is just another ploy to give Chat-Avenue a bad name which they most certainly do NOT deserve.I have been at Chat-Avenue for a matter of years and never have they ever had any form of a membership system.I feel that a site that has chat rooms for 13 and up, yet allows men of age 30 to infinity to show children their private parts, then yes it should be removed.I just wanted to say WHAT A RIPOFF PIECE OF TRASH SITE #1 Chat Avenue is.I don't know why people are defending such a horrible place unless the posts were made by the chat avenue owner.

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