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Andrew Lloyd Webber has recently given the treatment to Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White on stage, and perhaps that too will become a stately movie version.

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The Phantom is just a sad, sweet, plain boy who's in love with the prettiest girl in the class, and can express his feelings in only one way: by singing the most cloying music in the world, skipping down major scales and all too often hopping up a supercilious octave for the final no-o-o-o-o-o-te.

Gerard Butler has the unenviable task of playing the Phantom.

But hasn't he, in some ghastly metaphorical sense, already violated her innocence?

Isn't he simply a Luciferian figure, a fallen angel of music who compels the innocent Christine into a Satanic pact, buying her soul and letting her become the toast of Paris?

The sheer nastiness of the Phantom is compounded by the way he encourages Christine to think of him as the image of her late father, adding quasi-incest to his misdemeanours.

Lloyd Webber's movie evokes all these ideas, only to immerse them in the sugary bombast of his music - complemented by Schumacher's dull direction and the truly horrible Franklin Mint production design.

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Try knocking back whole bottles of wine in synch with the stagehands.

It might help you get through the movie.)After Christine's triumph, the Phantom conducts her to his crepuscular pad, accessible via a boat ride across a Stygian waterway and down, down, down to his hellish habitat.

She is played here by Emmy Rossum, whose rosebud-lipped, immobile prettiness and frizzy 1980s hair call to mind the glory years of Andrew's former missus, Sarah Brightman.

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