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The Network has been considered a more favorable option for the addition of user-generated content for music games than compared to Activision's previous attempt with "GHTunes" for the Guitar Hero series.

Harmonix has since announced that they would be discontinuing regular DLC updates for the Rock Band series as of April 2, 2013; the Network would remain functional for Xbox 360 users while the third-party technologies, such as Microsoft XNA, remain automated processes, while the Play Station 3 would see no further releases after April 2.

Approximately half of the tracks played in the Network's demo mode are subsequently bought by the players, representing an "organic growth" of the service, according to Harmonix' Jeff Marshall.

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Artists retain full control on their songs, and receive 30% of the sales from the Network.

Several artists and labels had committed to expanding the distribution of their music through the network.

The Rock Band Network (abbreviated RBN) is a downloadable content service designed by Harmonix with the help of Microsoft to allow musical artists and record labels to make their music available as playable tracks for the Rock Band series of rhythm video games, starting with Rock Band 2.

It was designed to allow more music to be incorporated into Rock Band than Harmonix themselves could produce for the games, and it was seen as a way to further expand the games' music catalog into a wide variety of genres.

Prior to the announcement of the Rock Band Network, Harmonix would regularly add approximately 10 songs each week as new downloadable content for the Rock Band games, consistent with their vision of Rock Band as a music platform and preferring digital distribution instead of new games or media.

The downloadable content has been well received by players, with over 50 million songs downloaded by mid-2009.Rock Band Network songs were exclusive to the Xbox 360 for 30 days on each song's release, after which a selection of songs would be made available on the Play Station 3.The Rock Band Network was based on the XNA Creators Club model and uses peer review to check songs for playability, copyright violations and profanity in a song's lyrics.However, without significantly expanding their company, Harmonix realized they could not expand their authoring process.The company worked with Microsoft to create the Network, modeling it after their XNA Creators Club which has produced a series of peer-reviewed titles in the Xbox Live Indie Games series.The New York Times claims that in order to keep the development of the Network confidential, they internally named the project "Rock Band: Nickelback", believing that the "quintessentially generic modern rock group" name would deflect any attention to it.

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