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17, the actor expanded on how therapy helped him address his addiction. When I went into therapy, I didn’t know what was going on. It feels good.” “This sense of entitlement – and I’m just speaking for men, it tends to be a very male pride oriented thing, because I believed that I was more valuable than my wife as a human being because I was a man,” he admitted.

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People become objects, people become body parts, they become things to be used rather than people to be loved,” he went on.

“You start to use people, you start to feel like you’re the man and they’re just whatever.” In the second video diary, posted Feb.

it loses its power,” and now that he is clean, it’s become his “battle to help other people who are going through the same thing.” Crews said once his wife Rebecca King-Crews, 50, confronted him about it, he decided to tackle the problem and seek help.

“My wife was literally like, ‘I don’t know you anymore, I’m out of here,’ ” he recalled. I had to change because I realized this thing is a major, major problem.

Terry Allan Crews was born on 30th July 1968 in the state of Michigan. Terry Allan Crews is an American football player, an actor and a sketch artist as well. After retiring from football he started his career in Hollywood from the year 1999.

He was brought up in a strict Christian household along with his sibling sister Micki Crews and the Hollywood actor belongs to black ethnicity.“You say: ‘You know what, forget it, I might as well use drugs, I might as well overeat, I might as well use porn.’ Because if you believe that are bad, then you act accordingly. What you have to change is that paradigm in your life, you have to believe that you are good.” Crews also explained several women had reached out to him, asking how to address the issue with their husbands or boyfriends: “If a man has this kind of addiction, what you have to do, women everywhere, is be fearless. A lot of times, women operate on fear and men like to manipulate that. Terry Allan Crews was also married in the year 1984 with Rebecca King belonging to black ethnicity.Rebecca King is a former beauty queen, a gospel singer and is also of American nationality.The addiction was so serious that the couple's marriage was on brink of failure.

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