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The 20-episode drama has elements of crime, action and romance.

Starring Apple Hong, Jesseca Liu, Priscelia Chan, Jayley Woo and Vivian Lai, it will premiere on Feb 18 and will air on weekdays at 9pm on Channel 8.

She said: "If a guy betrays me, I'll just continue to live my life.

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As hard as it is to believe, even famous and beautiful starlets are not immune to being cheated on and heartbreak.

In 2012, local actress Jayley Woo went through a highly publicised breakup with fellow actor Edwin Goh after the latter reportedly kissed actress Dawn Yeoh.

Jayley eventually moved on from her heartbreak with the help of the people around her who reassured her that it was just a phase.

She also revealed to local media that she was also able to gain closure when she stopped blaming herself for not doing enough in the relationship.

It might seem like you hit a standstill but stay strong and take all the time you need to accept your current reality.

When you get cheated on or go through a breakup, what tends to happen is you fixate on our ex and even the person they cheated on you with and focus on how they did you wrong.

"At the time I thought it was such a big thing, but I was thankful people around me reassured me it was just a phase, and the whole incident was blown out of proportion because we were public figures.

"The stupidest thing (about the break-up) was thinking it was just my problem, and that I wasn't doing enough for the relationship.

Image: The New Paper's Dalene Low Dressed in black, the five female leads from upcoming Channel 8 drama The Queen looked super sexy, like maneaters on the prowl.

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