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This time period is divided into the Preclassical, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman periods.Preclassical Greek literature primarily revolved around myths and include the works of Homer; the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Ancient Greek literature was written in an Ancient Greek dialect.

This literature ranges from the oldest surviving written works until works from approximately the fifth century AD.

A third historian, Xenophon, wrote "Hellenica," which is considered an extension of Thucydides's work.

The greatest prose achievement of the 4th century BC was in philosophy.

Poems created in the Preclassical period were meant to be sung or recited (writing was little known before the 7th century BC).

Most poems focused on myths, legends that were part folktale and part religion. At the beginning of Greek literature stand the works of Homer; the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Adamantios Korais and Rigas Feraios are two of the most notable figures.

Ancient Greek literature refers to literature written in Ancient Greek dialects.

Though dates of composition vary, these works were fixed around 800 BC or after. His two surviving works are Works and Days and Theogony.

During the classical period, many of the genres of western literature became more prominent.

During the Roman era, significant contributions were made in a variety of subjects, including history, philosophy, and the sciences.

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