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From 8 pm through 2 am on Saturday, March 1, a party will take place to celebrate not only Al’s intricate spirit animal assemblages and his status as the gallery’s bestseller, but also the fact that he will be the last artist to officially exhibit in NYSG under the curatorial eye of Kristen Copham, the gallery’s long-time owner and director.

Copham, an artist in her own right, moved the gallery from Chelsea to the corner of Stanton and Suffolk in July of 2008.

Images seared into his youthful subconscious by the likes of Frederic Remington, coupled with the bare-bones practices and realities of life on the reservation, led Wadzinski to adopt an affinity for found objects, scrap metal, cast-offs, and other salvaged materials.

Despite living in Minneapolis with his wife and 11-year-old son, Wadzinski exists as one of the most accomplished studio artists to exhibit on the Lower East Side in the last decade.

To further solidify and commemorate his status as a tried and true LES art warrior, one only has to look at the inspiration for Wadzinski’s latest commissioned piece—a life-size sculpture of none other than Lady Gaga herself.

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I was now confident placing figures in my work in any perspective and my fine art career was set in motion.

I soon met my agent Pat Carlson and introduced my work to the national publisher and gallery chain Dyansen, painting mostly in the Art Deco style.This seemingly playful homage to the space’s former inhabitants takes on new meaning as the neighborhood becomes radically transformed.While old storefronts get the commercial makeover, new galleries pop up every day, catering heavily to a younger demographic, one perhaps less interested in museum caliber sensibilities—that is, art that exudes a keen and dedicated eye for craftsmanship.This fortune of luck led me to the understanding of perspective, rendering and scale.I became obsessed and began collecting books and taking portrait lessons.The iconic sign above the gallery still reads Louis Zuftlacht, after the owner of the former haberdashery and tailor shop that was forced to close its doors as the neighborhood took a turn for the worse in the ’70s.

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