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It is very important to return to the Registry Editor and turn the feature off by changing the Trace SQLMode setting back to 0 when you are done testing. All the quotation marks that you see around object names are comparable to the brackets that Office Access uses (and that also can be used in SQL Server) to handle spaces or other illegal characters in names.

Developers often migrate data to SQL Server expecting an improvement in application performance.

Although performance does often improve, there are many cases where it remains the same or even degrades.

In some cases, performance of certain queries degrades to an unacceptable level.

The major cause of query performance degradation is when a query involving very large tables requires that all of the data from one or more tables be downloaded to the client.

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To enable tracing of all ODBC commands from the Jet database engine: After making this change in the registry, queries submitted to any ODBC data source are logged in a text file named

Unless you delete this file or its contents, it continues to grow as new queries are executed and the tracing activity degrades performance. SQLExecute: (MULTI-ROW FETCH) SQLExec Direct indicates execution of a non-parameterized query.

I have an Access database with a table with a unique key and price field among other fields.

I have been told I have access to an Oracle database with those prices in it and the linking Key.

Instead, it submits multiple queries, often including queries that request all of the rows in a table, and then it combines or filters the data on the client.

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