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So there’s a bright future for Chinese financial technology start-ups," said Wang Zhan, a manager at Golden Brick Capital.

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There are a lot of other slight differences, but big picture wise, the team behind We Chat and QQ are completely different and I think their vision is different.

For We Chat, their motto is to “connect everything”, which means people, objects (Io T API’s), and businesses.

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"Artificial intelligence will be first applied in the field which requires big data and can generate high value, and I think financial technology will be one of the best industries of artificial intelligence application." "U. and Europe have a mature financial system, so there’s little space left for financial technology companies.

However, China has a huge market which hasn’t been covered by traditional financial companies.

and CICC Alpha, an investment arm of the China International Capital Corporation Ltd (CICC), have led a RMB466 million (US million) round in Yongqianbao, a Beijing-based personal loan mobile app operator.

A number of investors including Source Code Capital, Sinovation Ventures, and GX Capital also participated in the round, according to a company announcement.

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