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The organizer will bring plenty of coloring pages and pencils/markers for those who don’t have their own.

It's a time for calm, with genial and peaceful encounters (or companionable silence) and snacks.

It's relaxing, fun, and no artistic ability is required. We'll have markers and pencils for you to use, or bring your own if you have some you really like.

Don't be afraid to promote yourself either, as part of build a strong community is networking.

Participants are encouraged to talk about services, products, other hobbies, and challenges or problems they face they being part of a supportive community may be able to help with.

Offered twice a week, once in the morning and once in the evening; check the calendar for details.

Remember how much fun it was to color when you were a child?

You are welcome to bring other portable crafts to do as well if you're looking for a time to be social but coloring isn't your thing.

We will be meeting primarily in Benicia, maybe in other places as well eventually if the group decides it is desired. Hey grown-ups, join other adults who like to color.

Bring your business cards, product or service examples, or items for show and tell.

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