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Sometimes they found the doll with its legs crossed and its arms folded, while on other occasions it was found standing on its feet, leaning against a dining room chair.

In the movie, husband John Form (Eric Laden) puts the doll in the trash before the couple moves, but his wife Mia later discovers it while unpacking one of the moving boxes.

According to the real Annabelle doll story, the owners never tried to throw away the doll.

The story includes a fictionalized explanation of how a demon became attached to the doll.

It also somewhat reveals how the doll came to be named after a deceased young girl named Annabelle, though the 2017 prequel true story, we learned that John and Mia Form are fictional characters.

At the same time, the doll's owner never injured her finger on a sewing machine.

The demon also never dragged the owner across the floor back toward the fire. A man named Lou was the fiancé of Donna's roommate Angie and had been staying with them since the doll had arrived.

At first, its movements were subtle and confined to the bed where Donna had left the doll.

However, in time the movements became more noticeable.

The real Annabelle doll was given as a birthday present by a mother to her daughter, Donna, a nursing student who was turning 28.

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