Welcome speech for dating event

You have exceeded the time limit and your reservation has been released.

He seemed to really like a great story, and so at that same commencement speech in Kenyon he told yet another story…..

(and so it’s my turn to tell that story) “There are these two guys sitting together in a bar in the remote Alaskan wilderness.

As a matter of fact, if I attempted to do that, many of you would feel insulted.

Many of you have been able to create nurturing and successful relationships with your present and past employers and their children but also recognize that many work situations are still not favorable and are not conducive to personal development or the success of a family.

“Well then you must believe now,” he says, “After all, here you are, alive.” The atheist just rolls his eyes. As she begins to fill out the form, she convinces herself that the questions being asked are totally ridiculous – yikes.

“No, man, all that was, was a couple Eskimos happened to come wandering by and showed me the way back to camp” I’m sharing these stories that Wallace told simply to reiterate what he was trying to express to those graduates, “that the exact same experience can mean two different things to two different people, given those people’s different belief templates and different methods of constructing meaning from experience.” Could it be possible that many of you nannies are in similar work situations and that what you achieve or take from that work situation is simply based on how you decide to look at the job; how you viewed the experience or the opportunity that you were presented with, even when the situation was not the best or most favorable; and how you constructed meaning from such an experience? Remember, that’s just what she thinks – her truth only.It’s Saturday, and after a full week of work for many of you, I know you have errands to run, kids to take out and a ton of other things to do, so I’m humbled and grateful that you have taken time from your busy schedule to be here.This is a testament of your commitment to your advancement as professionals and to your willingness to learn, engage in effective dialogue and, most importantly, connect with a group of people with similar visions and common beliefs. I’m excited to see so many of you here on this beautiful summer’s morning.Today is the day that the Lord has made and truly I will rejoice and be glad in it always.Perhaps the choice of WHAT to think about as it relates to the nanny profession should include such elements as always displaying professionalism – yes, you are indeed professionals.

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