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If you have Quirky Trippers, GE Link bulbs, Quirky Tapt, etc on your Smart Things, you will benefit greatly from a firmware update of the devices. then pair all your wink/GE devices to it and let it sit paired like that for quite a while.

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Smart Things is supposed to have over the air updates “within weeks”.

However, I don’t know how easy it will be for manufacturers to submit changes since I think Smart Things has some approval process.

The hardware version is H1 and the software ver is 8.0.

The problem is that whenever I turn on the wireless with default configuration, the router immediately starts resetting by itself over and over again.

ST app will not tell you anything, butthe device did the paired led blink and it automatically jumped back into what it was supposed to be in Smart Things.

My two Tapt switches I had to re pair, add as a new device, and then move them. As in, someone coming into a room and flipping a wall switch, especially in an emergency situation, should be able to get lighting to activate.It’s currently holding back ST from officially certifying the GE Link bulbs.I have bought a DIR 615 router one week ago and although my main goal was to use it at better wireless speeds (using the N feature) it turned out that I can only use it as a normal router.Is what it is and why I’m switching to smart switches. But there’s also the issue of whether code allows for hard-wiring a residential lighting fixture as ‘always hot’.I agree it’d be convenient if the bulb makers would allow for configuring bulbs for a unlit initial power state.I understand why they don’t (code and legal liabilities).

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