Dating by the book by uwe meyer

As Carolyn, Helen Taylor creates a lovable character that deserves happiness and has the audience pulling for her at every turn.Griffin's delivery of the desperate, yet determined Herbert is a perfect rendition of a guy we all knew in school but never really got to know.

When: Wednesday to June 30Tickets: Call 519-782-4353 or visit [email protected] follow Daleat LFPress on Twitter.

Poor Carolyn has been out of the dating game for years.

Jones has been a regular at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre since she started acting professionally eight years ago."It's a really nice little theatre . "People in London are just starting to realize more that it really is good quality, and it is such a short drive that it's easy to make an evening of it."For Legge, who now works in Vancouver, it will be his first time on stage at the playhouse -- something he admits can be challenging."You don't really know sight lines and you don't really know acoustics," Legge said about performing at a venue for the first time.

Luckily, Legge, a seasoned actor who has worked across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, is a quick learner.

The talented Jason Jazrawy gives us a zany Mark with precision and expertise in comedic timing.

As the over eager and grossly nervous couple, Griffin and Taylor give us two perfect misfits of love, each with their own playbook.

Dating By The Book is the perfect date night for romance and comedy.

Rachel Jones, playing Carolyn and Colin Legge, playing Herbert, meet up for a disastrous date in Dating by the Book, opening Wednesday at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre.

This cast has given what may be the finest performance this season.

They had the audience applauding individual scenes, capping the show off with a standing ovation.

Throw in a nosey neighbour, who keeps popping in on the evening, and you've got a recipe for a dating disaster."Of course the date goes hideously badly for various embarrassing reasons," Jones said.

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