chinese dating white guy - Systems engineering approach to love dating and relationships

They know there will be a solution – they just have to find it.

This makes them incredible partners because they are willing to put work into solving your relationship problems until there is resolution.

A friend sent this picture to me from an unnamed city.

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This does mean that you will find their “solutions” around the house.

Solutions for leaky pipes, or solutions for the neighbor’s cat who keeps leaving presents in your lawn.

This sort of creativity requires a lot of brain power however, so many engineers blow off steam by doing something else creative, like playing an instrument, painting, or working on a “fun” project that tunes their ever-thinking brain out. Being with an engineer means you always have a plan.

Whether it’s for the weekend, your next trip, your meals, your future, or your finances.

And you will enjoy leading an organized life with your loved one.

Engineers encounter a lot of high stress situations at work, and they know they can’t lose their minds.Because their work can require a lot of trial and error, engineers learn to rethink their strategies constantly.This translates nicely into relationships, as it makes them more likely to examine a behavior that may not be producing very good results (and making you mad), and look for ways to change it to achieve better results.Not only does this mean they will want that specific type of cheese and will go to the store late at night just to get it, it also means they will remember special dates, things you said, small details, and be extremely thoughtful when in a relationship.They won’t necessarily show it in the lovey-dovey way – but they will remember to get you that one thing for your birthday you mentioned briefly months ago, and not even make a big fuss about it.Engineers have the ability to take a lot of information, and condense it into a few words.

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