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[Julian] Assange and the others were uncertain of its authenticity, but they thought that readers, using Wikipedia-like features of the site, would help analyze it.

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Amongst other things, the coalition argued that: "Wiki Leaks provides a forum for dissidents and whistleblowers across the globe to post documents, but the Dynadot injunction imposes a prior restraint that drastically curtails access to Wikileaks from the Internet based on a limited number of postings challenged by Plaintiffs. On 7 April 2008, they reported receiving a letter (dated 27 March) from the Religious Technology Center claiming ownership of the several documents pertaining to OT Levels within the Church of Scientology.

The Dynadot injunction therefore violates the bedrock principle that an injunction cannot enjoin all communication by a publisher or other speaker." Its release revealed some of the restrictions placed over detainees at the camp, including the designation of some prisoners as off-limits to the International Committee of the Red Cross, something that the U. These same documents were at the center of a 1994 scandal.

Reactions to the publication of the list by the Australian media and politicians were varied.

Particular note was made by journalistic outlets of the type of websites on the list; while the Internet censorship scheme submitted by the Australian Labor Party in 2008 was proposed with the stated intention of preventing access to child pornography and sites related to terrorism, When questioned about the leak, Stephen Conroy, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy in Australia's Rudd Labor Government, responded by claiming that the list was not the actual list, yet threatening to prosecute anyone involved in distributing it.

Wiki Leaks responded with a statement released on Wikinews stating: "in response to the attempted suppression, Wiki Leaks will release several thousand additional pages of Scientology material next week", In September 2008, during the 2008 United States presidential election campaigns, the contents of a Yahoo!

account belonging to Sarah Palin (the running mate of Republican presidential nominee John Mc Cain) were posted on Wiki Leaks after being hacked into by members of Anonymous.

The email stated: The Advanced Technology materials are unpublished, copyrighted works.

Please be advised that your customer's action in this regard violates United States copyright law.

In Britain, police officers are banned from joining or promoting the BNP, and at least one officer was dismissed for being a member.

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