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App Cafe® does not require the password to install software.This means that you do not have to give out the root password on multi-user systems.

This was always a known problem for me in Linux - the nvidia-304* is a legacy option but has always worked in my HP G60.

I only point this out as it’d be a game changer for me.

After tinkering around for a few days, I think the freebsd-examples issue I’ve been experiencing is now finally put to bed.

The crucial info: the difference between typing freebsd-examples and Free BSD-examples despite the commands suggested earlier on this wiki-sticky.

On a desktop installation, App Cafe® can be run as a local application and optionally configured for remote access.

To launch the App Cafe® application on a PC-BSD® desktop, double-click its icon on the Desktop, go to , or type appcafe from a command prompt. Figure 7.1a shows the initial App Cafe® screen when it is started from a desktop.

Doing the following however, did result in a BE which now claims to be up-to-date via both terminal and Sys Admin gui Update-Manager (just in case there should have been any conflicts there, however unlikely.

It has survived three reboots : )) All the following was completed via a terminal in Lumina Desktop.

If you install software using any of the tools described in this chapter, you will automatically be notified whenever a newer version of software is available.

The rest of this chapter demonstrates how to use the built-in graphical and command-line tools for managing software and upgrades.

utilities for managing and upgrading software from the local system or from a web browser or mobile device.

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