Msexchangefbpublish and error updating busy

The Mad FB process polls this mailbox and picks up that there has been a change.4.

msexchangefbpublish and error updating busy-57

Then browse to the correct Free/Busy folder for the user you are having problems seeing information on.

Now you can verify if the message is there or if there are any duplicates or other problems.

Outlook uses the users Legacy Exchange DN to determine what Public folder it will publish the information in.4.

Outlook makes a connection to the public folder server and locates the nearest replica of the appropriate folder.5.

These problems typically come down to either the message is not there, has not replicated, or is replicating slower than expected.

Using OWA we can easily determine if the message is there.When you are migrating users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 20, users that uses Outlook 2003 stop seeing Free/Busy on the users after you turn off or remove Exchange 2003.From working with customers there seems to be some confusion around how Free Busy information is generated and read by the client.Using the ESM locate the public folder stores that contain replicas of the Free/Busy folder for the user whose free busy you are having problems viewing.Connect to the stores using the following address: "http(s):///Non_IPM_Subtree".If the answer to this question is yes then you cannot place a replica of your free busy folder on any server in the org.

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