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Born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, he attended school at Stillwater High School.

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American singer-songwriter, actor, and model Tyson Ritter was born on April 24, 1984 in Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States to Tracey Rain.

He is most recognized for being the vocalist, bassist, pianist, and songwriter of the rock band “The All-American Rejects”.

That is to say, believing that buying something like a watch, a pair of Tom's shoes or a chicken sandwich can be good for you in an ethical sense is a relatively new phenomena.

such as his group's 16 years of flash-bulb caliber success, he lumps in the category of "surreal." He refers to fronting the All-American Rejects as the only job he can handle: "The thing I know how to do," he said, "I don't know how I feel about anything right now, man.

"Now it seems like you have to find the music you love.

Which is, I think, very cool." The Rejects' most recent album, "Kids in the Street," is full of lyrics talking about the same things as all their other work, e.g. But their musical influences are branched out, albeit straying little from a safety net of airplay established groups. Shit, I'm sure we'll have a second grunge." The songs are clearly written for his audience in the here and now — "Walk Over Me" tries for the Queen thing that could kill on the road, whereas "I For You" is nothing but coffee-shop ready pop.

Tyson is happily married to actress and singer Elena Satine. They soon decided to settle down and eventually they got engaged in the year 2013. Previously, he had a relationship with fashion model and actress Kim Smith. Their long-term relationship ended in the year 2009.

Relationship History (2015 – aged 31) Currently Spouse/Partner Tyson Ritter is currently married to Elena Satine.

I just happened to watch Scott Harrison did a Powerpoint presentation in a small house in Venice a couple years ago before charity water really got their notoriety.

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