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From there, kids simply press the smiley face on the back of the Talkie to cycle through their contacts and choose one.Then they press the talk bubble to send a message - it's that simple!

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You have to have a 2.4 ghz network to get it initially connected to the parent phone, but as long as you know how to switch your 5 ghz network to 2.4 then you are fine.

2 Way Video Chat (by Video Whisper) is a premium high definition video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing.

Nothing is better than watching kids smile as they use our product, and giving parents the opportunity to connect with their children while they’re at work. I love getting message when I'm at work on getting on a plane. Easy to use, quick set-up and amazing customer service even at the busiest week their company has experience so far I'm sure since they appeared on Shark Tank! Their How-To videos answered any questions I had regarding set-up. Take your time and read through the directions and you shouldn't have any trouble. Once we figured out these little hiccups, and the 15th try pairing it.. Now my granddaughter sends us messages and we send her one back.

Nothing is more gratifying and humbling than knowing we are making a difference in the lives of so many families. Would have been 5 star if set up wasn't such a process. We've had this toy all of four days, so there may be something I'm missing, but for now, here goes: I LOVE the idea of the toy!

If you are like me, you are worried about all kinds of things. In our four days together, I've found just a few things that need attention and I thoroughly believe that eventually they'll be addressed. I went into it expecting a bit of work, did a bit of work, and was done. Whenever we leave the house with Gory, he fails to reconnect when we get home.

I contacted support, who answered my 10 PM email at AM (I'd consider that on the ball) so I had time to take a battery out and hold the play button for 15 seconds to reset it and then reconnect to wifi. It says on their FAQ that the talkie can store 5 wifi connections and while I haven't tried it, if I have to be with him to reset and reconnect AND have a screwdriver handy any time my son arrives at after-school care, the the toy is pretty useless for me.

Messages are immediately sent to parent-approved contacts.

Grownups use the the free Toymail app for IOS/Android/Kindle to send messages to Talkies.

Talkies by Toymail are a breakthrough simple way to let kids voice chat with friends and family, without putting them in front of a screen.

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